The winery

Valpantena Winery

Established by several Verona wine growers as a cooperative and now has approximately 250 members farms that cultivate a total of approximately 750 hectares of vineyards, all included in the controlled origin brand areas in the Verona hillsides territory.

These members were joined, in July 2003 after merger with the ‘Oleificio delle Colline Veronesi’, by another 150 farmer producing olive oil. This gave live to a new oil and wine business in Valpantena.

Products have achieved excellent levels of quality thanks to commitment and care lavished over the entire production cycle, where tradition and technological innovation blend together. The Valpantena Winery is able to fully exploit all the excellent qualities of the grapes and olives delivered by its members.

Awards achieved in the most important national and international competitions are well-merited recognition of this effort at improving standards of production and quality.

The territory

Valpantena Winery

Adriano Grandi wrote these poetic words in 1617 in ‘The beauties of Verona’ bringing our attention to evocative panoramas and views that are still gifts offered by Valpantena. Francesco Corna from Soncino, in 1477 in his ‘Fioretto de le antiche croniche de Verona e de tuti i soi confini’ (Choice passages from the old chronicles of Verona and surrounding) described these lands as “an idyllic valley marked by springs and dales, delightful fountains and vineyards which abound in Valpantena”.

Grapevines have been present in Valpantena since the far distant past.

According to the Roman historian Florus first the Cimbri and than the Romans were seduced by the sweetness of its wine and the flavours of this valley’s products. They, believing the Valpantena soil to be ideal for growing grapes, intensified clearing of its woods and planting grapevines.

Valpantena, in Greek, means the “Valley of the Gods” but in Verona’s traditions it has taken on the meaning of the “Valley of all wines”.



Valpantena Winery

Not just wine, but a group of young and autonomous people working together with each other. A team of oenologists, an agronomic consulting team, a Management in contact with employees and a group of workers constantly updated and trained on several fronts. The adoption of a code of ethics and attention to the employee has made the company able to create a solid base of work both for the old and for the new generations; a base founded on respect, safety, quality (of life and the environment) and on the desire to learn and progress together.