Valpantena Winery Poetry Award - V Edition

Valpantena Winery

The Valpantena Winery Verona thanks all the poets who participated in the 5th edition of the award.
Here are the winning and reported poems.

Sallietano the hearts in the fragrant vines
where light plays with shadows
and hides among the golden rust of the leaves
while the earth would drink slowly from that sap which gives life and drunkenness to human hope.
Between intertwined roots and secret silences
hands stretch to collect the fruits heated by the sun
like solemn little worlds clinging to the poplars in a swirl of flavors and drops of wind.
He smiles that song that is lost in the soul
and the man lingers among the wet furrows as if searching for words
to make paths that lead to the sky, breathing in scents that are lost between the wooden wrinkles of a sleepy branch.

Anna Barzaghi

Among the streams of the time
exaggerate desires
and the soul trembles in pursuing softened echoes
of words closed in thoughts,
a cheering immense glow
it vibrates deep in the heart
pointing out a murmur of dreams:
the awakening of a passing of emotions
collected in a womb of air;
the strings vibrate among the imprints of the native earth, life is resurrected sniffing in the pallet
of a strip of joyful land
on the roots that emerge rampant,
like the caress of an elderly hand dressed up in gratitude.

Giancarlo Milani

... scenario of the essence of the sun
from the Torre del Falasco
you can hear in the balm of the green valley that the old melody sings
in the gestures of gnarled hands
to the new wind
echo of music of the time
and the filled panniers write
in the flourishing furrows
of fertile land
the season of harmony
ideas of smells and flavors
review themselves in the scenario
of essence of sun
from the Torre del Falasco ...

Grazia Brunelli