Assoenologi conference: sustainability as necessity

Valpantena Winery

Despite the torrid and sunny climate, the theme addressed on 10 July caught the attention of about seventy people, most of whom belonged to the catergoria association of winemakers in Western Veneto, led by the new president Alberto Marchisio assisted in the event from Nazareno Vincenzi and Salvina Martinico. The event saw the succession of speakers from various categories: sustainability certifiers, industry consultants, staff from the Vini Trentini Consortium and the president of the Mezzocorona Group, a bridgehead for the sustainable movement in Trentino. The subject has met the interest of all present, with the resulting conclusions: - Italy is evolving more and more in search of a sustainability that gives a plus of value (not merely economic) to the product, now in great demand and sought after especially in foreign and Nordic countries - In Rome the Ministry of Agriculture is studying the proposals to unify the existing certifications (which are currently three: VIVA, SQNPI and AEQUALITAS) in a single national standard recognized and recognizable all over the world - There is a strong need to simplify the databases of some of these certifications, which are now viewed with fear by the agricultural team for the exorbitant number and the difficulty of finding the requested data Following the discussion, Trentini wines were tasted from five different realities (cooperative and non-cooperative) with the olfactory and gustatory evaluation conducted by the three sommelier Fiorini, Boninsegna and Scandogliero. After almost two and a half hours of conference, the association offered all those present a rich buffet prepared majestically by the Damoli Gastronomy of San Bonifacio, a buffet that resulted in a wonderful opportunity for dialogue and exchange of views on the topics discussed. Cantina Valpantena currently has the Brolo dei Giusti line fully VIVA certified and is starting a SQNPI certification process with the first part of the company structure; the project is followed by the Technical Manager Stefano Casali with the collaboration of qualified external personnel.