Best cooperatives in Italy: Cantina Valpantena on the podium again

Valpantena Winery

The German magazine Weinwirtschaft, the most authoritative magazine of the neighboring wine world, has drawn up a ranking every year to line up all the best cooperative wineries in terms of the quality of the wines produced. It is no longer a question of turnover, number of bottles, quality / price ratio or prizes won: we only look at quality. For the fourth year in a row Cantina Valpantena occupies a third place and shares the podium scene with the countryman Cantina Valpolicella Negrar and with the piemonteses Terre del Barolo. Outside the competition the South Tyrolean cooperatives.

To complete the "top 10" we find in order the Abruzzi Cantina Tollo, the Piedmontese Pertinace, then Cantina di Soave, again from the Veneto, Codice Citra, from Abruzzo, Terre Cortesi Moncaro, from the Marche, Cavit, from Trentino and the Monteforte d'Alpone Social Winery.